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18th May 2017

AR in Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment, in real time. Unlike virtual reality – which creates an artificial world – augmented reality uses the existing environment and adds new information on top of it. […]
24th April 2017

Result Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing – the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media –involves the use of channels and methods to analyse marketing campaigns. With a result driven digital marketing strategy, you will be able to […]
18th April 2017

Facebook Updates That Should Not Be Missed

It seems like it was just yesterday that Facebook launched Live Videos, allowing users to post videos onto their timeline, in real time. When Live Videos was launched, businesses across the globe used this opportunity to include this type of […]
7th April 2017

The Dark Side of Social Media

On the 4th of April 2017, it was reported that President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family had commissioned a UK-based PR firm to help improve their public appearance and save what remains of their reputation. In the past, the […]
14th March 2017
fake news south africa

What’s with all the fake news?

While nothing new to the world, fake news – as a topic at least – has made a return to the spotlight. An age-old practice, making it big in the world war eras as propaganda, this “alternative” news is fabricating […]
28th February 2017
digital marketing south africa

Game of Chrome: Trials and Tribulations of Digital Marketing

As the sands of time run down, the trials and tribulations of digital marketing play on as if nothing has changed. Much like the tides of Westeros, the ever changing dominion over the lands lends itself to the landscape, always […]
10th February 2017

Content Development: How to Make Content Stand Out

Writing great content is a choice. You can choose to put in the time and work requirements to create great content and build a prosperous brand. Everyone is writing; and everyone has a blog. But how do you do that […]
31st October 2016
content marketing

Content marketing: comparing the sharing

As a content marketing specialist there are a few things you need to learn before approaching clients, justifying your work over both long and short term goals. One of the hardest things to explain to clients about content marketing – […]
24th October 2016
Google rankbrain

The Google Algorithms: RankBrain

The world of Google search has become a winner-take-all environment. With countless algorithms having an impact on traffic, SERPs and click-through rates, we introduce you to another, less-known cousin of these devices- Google RankBrain. What is RankBrain? A fairly unknown […]
18th October 2016
What does the job role of an SEO analyst involve?

What does the job role of an SEO analyst involve?

So, what does the job role of an SEO analyst involve? Well here it is – It is the job of an SEO analyst to research, compare and select direction for a website in order to optimise it for search engines. […]
18th October 2016
I have a website, now what?

I have a website, now what?

Creating a website is the first step to successfully updating your presence in the online world. While social media platforms create a good starting point, a website is always better for an official look and feel. Social media should focus […]
18th October 2016
What is digital Marketing and what’s the big fuss in South Africa?

What is Digital Marketing and what’s the big fuss?

Digital marketing is an integral part of modern day business. Marketing in a digital space, whether through a website or one of the many social media platforms, allows a business to reach a broader audience and create an online presence […]