Content Development: How to Make Your Content Stand Out

Content Development: How to Make Content Stand Out

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1st February 2017
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27th February 2017
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Writing great content is a choice. You can choose to put in the time and work requirements to create great content and build a prosperous brand. Everyone is writing; and everyone has a blog. But how do you do that with all the content that everyone is putting out there?

What is that baffling X-factor of a hugely viral piece of content that makes it ridiculously popular? There is obviously a mixture of things because there isn’t one magic bullet.

As digital marketers we tend to think in a rut when it comes to making content standout. Either we think that a viral piece of content is simply stroke of good luck and cannot be intentionally generated. Or others tend to think that runaway awesome content is a simple mathematical or algorithm formula – follow the steps, and voila! You have great content!

It is safe to say that they are both true and not completely true.

Besides the four crucial factors you pay attention to when making your content stand out like;

  1. Establishing a solid story angle;
  2. Amazing photographs to delight the audience;
  3. Use your network and expertise;
  4. Ensuring that your content is trendy.

With the nonstop stream of content being created, it sometimes seems like not everyone is really thinking about how to make their content stand out. If you are going to write a piece of content make sure that you have something to add that hasn’t already been said. Say something else or something better to stand out with your content and SEO.

Make sure that your content contains links to other content relevant to what you are talking about; photos/images; maybe give tips to enhance their experience.

What to do to make content stand out?

  • Photos and images: There are so many places to get free images these days – so you really have no excuse for not having images with your content.
  • Videos: Videos are the new in-thing and everyone is obsessed with them and it is easy to create them. Here are a few tools you can try.
  • Podcasts: If your business or niche is podcasts then get on the bandwagon as they can help grow your brand. Here is how to use podcasts to grow your brand or business.
  • Downloads: Make sure your content is downloadable as most users like to download it, whether it is PDF or excel; make it available.
  • Links: Link to other articles on your site but don’t be afraid to link out if it helps your audience.