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Our SEO checker offers a free to use SEO test that can illustrate the gaps and errors in your site. The perfect tool for web developers and SEO specialists, this gives you a quick rundown of holes, both in SEO and design. With system that can perfectly show you where you need to improve, this is a tool that comes in handy more often than not.

With an easy to use SEO checker, your site can be managed accordingly. Within the SEO world, the constantly shifting algorithms mean that day after day adjustments must be made to your SEO strategy. When considering freelance developers or small businesses, this can be a tricky task alongside managing a business and other marketing efforts. An element that we often see slide, our clients struggle to maintain the correct standards on their own, this is where we as a professional digital marketing agency come into play. Optimising our site for the best possible reach and authority, our goal, as well as the goal of giving out a free tool is to hone the SEO industry in on premium practices, forcing accountability – with a tool like this, you can ensure you are getting what you pay for from your agency.

Whether am ecommerce site or blog page, selling products, services or opinion, our online SEO test can point you down the road to wholesome, meaningful opitmisation.

If you need a second eye on your results, advice optimising your site or finding the correct package for your situation, contact Click Me today. With a team of professional, well-trained marketers at our disposal, we offer high quality digital marketing across South Africa.

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