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An important part of any digital marketing campaign, social media marketing; this includes LinkedIn advertising and marketing – is the best way to reach a wider audience effectively, especially when it comes to B2B.

When marketers say internet advertising, most people think of Facebook, Twitter or Google ads first, however LinkedIn is an integral part of a social media marketing plan. If you want to promote and increase sales for your company and want to advertise on a different platform other than Google ads, then think outside the box – and that outside the box is LinkedIn advertising.

So how is Click Me going to help with your company or business with LinkedIn advertising? Apart from the fact that it is a network in which two profiles are opened every second, with more than 400 million users to date who are also your audience, we have found more reasons why you should let us help you with your digital media marketing.

This will help give your clients across South Africa the information they need when they are on LinkedIn or any other social media platform. Whether you are doing business around the country or in local areas, we cater to clients in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and more.