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Game of Chrome: Trials and Tribulations of Digital Marketing

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27th February 2017
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13th March 2017
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As the sands of time run down, the trials and tribulations of digital marketing play on as if nothing has changed. Much like the tides of Westeros, the ever changing dominion over the lands lends itself to the landscape, always adapting and rolling over the dirty, bloody history. Within the realm of digital marketing, it is this history or uncertainty and unease that has laid the foundation for the world we have today. Whether standing with the Lannister’s and their social, wealth driven approach, or the noble Stark’s and their honorable outlook, the divisions of the land are ever changing, always adjusting to “what could be next?”.

House Lannister – Social Media Marketing

A Lannister always repays his debts, plain and simple. A wealthy family with deep roots in the history of Westeros, they thrive on manipulation of perceptions and an influence that can sway opinions across the land. Although not always enjoyed by their peers, sometimes arrogant and conceited, it is impossible to deny their strength and tenacity. As the social yet ruthless family, they have ties to all others, some forced, some accepted, but all round influential. As the ruling family seated on the Iron throne, although their legitimacy is questioned, they still hold reign over the land – calling themselves royalty whether it is accepted or not. While perhaps not the intended or legal rulers, their strength has made it hard for others to argue against them.

House Stark – Search Engine Optimisation

The kings in the North, the hurt yet proud, the Stark’s have taken some hard knocks over the years. From the beheading of Ned Stark to the fateful culling at the red wedding, this is a broken family slowly regaining strength and momentum under the new son – John Snow. As the noble, honorable and trustworthy house of the land, the Stark’s directly oppose the Lannister’s in the South. Two of the oldest houses, their rivalry with the Lannister’s both helps and hinders them. These two parties must exist for each to be at their best. With a yin and yang style relationship these houses balance each other, allowing each to reach their full potential. While life would be easier with only one of these houses, neither would be as great without the other.

House Greyjoy – Pay Per Click Marketing

A house that has strength, but no great pull within the mainland houses, House Greyjoy has fallen by the way side in most senses. While still considered a great house, the other houses do not consider them when facing mainland problems, being of the sea, the Greyjoy’s stick to their boats and isles. While great at what they do, ruthless warriors and unfaltering sailors, their role in the greater game is that of support rather than the tip of the spear, so to speak.

House Tyrell – Web Development

A strong house, honourable yet not above manipulating the perceptions of other to get their way, House Tyrell has a history of power and influence without the Lannister stigma attached. While willing to marry into power, their command of others allows them safety to a degree. Working well with the other houses to achieve their goals, House Tyrell is not run in the usual way. A matriarchal style, showing the grace in a well-laid plan, they are masters of presentation and perception. While they may not have the nefarious agenda of some of the other houses, they still strive to be the best, taking power where they can and not letting go. Although scattered, their strength lies in their ability to adapt and play a hand in their favour. While working alongside the mainland houses, their real support lies in working with the Targaryen’s, joining to form the perfect combination of passion, levelheadedness and elegant manipulation.

House Targaryen – Content Marketing

While once the rulers of Westeros, usurped by the Lannister’s and Baratheon’s, they were exiled across the Eastern Sea. Once a proud, strong and admirable family, they are the shadows of their former selves. Although with the rise of the new generation, the Mother of Dragons and Khaleesi to the great khalasar, the Targaryen name is soon to be known again. Thought to be dead, Daenerys Targaryen has rallied forces across the east, gaining momentum and power along the way. With recent support from the Tyrell’s, Greyjoy’s and a host of other collectives, her forces once again move towards the mainland to take the throne. This once forgotten legacy is now on the path to greatness, making a strong impact on the world.

House Tulley – Email & Newsletter Marketing

Once a great house aligned with House Stark, the Tully name has been thrown aside by the likes of the Lannister’s. Overthrown and removed from their home by force, they have become insignificant in the greater scheme of the game. Their influence has lowered, but their fight will never die. Losing influence and power, the Tully house has become a name of the past, however the past is not easily forgotten. Their history carries weight and as such they remain strong, their name still brings loyalty and as such their place in Westeros is solidified forever.

As with Westeros, the digital marketing world is one of pushing and pulling, systems working hand in hand while still opposing each other. Fighting to be the best, the houses of digital marketing remain strong and confident, working their way in the balance – this is the Game of Chrome.