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Harry Potter and the Digital Marketing Agency

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Harry Potter and the Digital Marketing Agency South Africa

For generations the proud school of Hogwarts has played host to wizards and witches of all types, but few are more exciting than the throngs of magical folk hidden away in the digital marketing agency. From the courageous to the righteous, ambitious and patient, these are the houses of Harry Potter and the Digital Marketing Agency.

Ravenclaw – SEO & PPC

Revenclaw is a house known for intelligence, knowledge and wit. Represented by the eagle, framed in bronze and blue, this house represents the air. Dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, always refining processes and delving into the crux of the matter, Ravenclaw is everything SEO. Using the input from the analytical side of things, Ravenclaws can make educated plans to best reach the hearts and minds of many. Their approach involves gaining an in-depth understanding of house needs and who their traits appeal to. By way of industry research, competitive analysis and a fresh, resourceful outlook, this house tackles recurrent problems and builds on past success.

Slytherin – Social Media

Slytherin is a house known for ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. Represented by the serpent, showing off green and silver colours, Slytherin is the cunning side of the school. Holding mixed emotions with the rest of the school, some believe Slytherin to be unlike the rest of the wizarding world in that they sideline other sorts, seeing them as less important. While Slytherin is a dominant house, it cannot achieve glory without the other houses and must therefore rely on the other houses and students to reach the peak – much of their fame and strength is based in their heavy competition with Gryffindor.

Gryffindor – Content Marketing

Gryffindor is a house known for bravery, nerve and chivalry. A regal house of gold and scarlet, its represented by a rearing lion. Build on the premise of bravery, Gryffindors seek to push the boundaries of accepted processes. With a daring nature, Gryffindors seek out new ways to reach their goals often being undermined by the other houses. Bringing some depth to the school, Gryffindor students are present in all areas of the school although often only praised for specific, support roles.

Hufflepuff – Web Development

Hufflepuff is a house known for hard work, dedication and patience. Embodied by a badger framed in black and yellow, Hufflepuff are the down to earth, relaxed members of the school, not rooted in competition and power but rather hard work, dedication and loyalty. The more “nerdy” members of the school, Hufflepuff set the tone for house behavior and conduct. With earth as their respective element, they set the basis for the house structure and guide the other houses as to their performance.  Kindhearted and clever, they excel at academics and the more technical side of magic.

All these houses together make up the strength and skill needed to grow the magical world around them, building the future and developing the ever changing world of magic in the digital agency.