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Real life digital: the VR suit experience

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18th April 2017
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24th April 2017
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VR suit hardlight

When looking at modern technology, especially in the digital space, it would seem imagination reigns. First we had the VR headset, a device allowing users to delve into the digital world in a purely visual sense, completely immersed in a universe of rigid graphics and glitch-y avatars…at first. As an ever developing part of the digital space, the headset has taken leaps and bounds towards digitising the modern work space as well as interaction online. Now? Now there is something even better – the VR suit.

The Hardlight VR suit, one of many versions being developed today, is a step forward that will have every tech enthusiast shaking with joy – especially in the gaming sector. Taking digital interaction to the next level, this insane piece of tech allows users to not only see the digital world, but now feel it as well. Making the VR experience a completely immersive one, these suits push the boundaries of reality. With so many ideas swarming around the digital world, this brings dreams to life in a whole new way – the 4th dimension of computer technology so to speak.

This VR, or haptic, suit uses strategically placed pads to convey motion and impact to the user, whether a gunshot, hit to the chest or taking a fall, this haptic feedback suit lets the user feel what they can see, fully delving into the faux world or virtual reality. Lightweight, with 16 individually activated zones that target specific muscle and nerve groups, this immersion makes for a complete experience – actually being in another world rather than just looking into one. While this is mainly focused on the world of gaming and e-sports for the moment, the real world applications are what really interests us here at Click Me – even from a marketing perspective.

From a defence and services point of view for example, this VR suit could be used in training. Whether soldiers, fire fighters or policemen. Not only given a fully inclusive training experience, but also ensuring that the virtual scenario has all the shortfalls and chaotic possibilities of a real life scenario, from injuries to body control, this suit monitors performance, giving valuable feedback about the trainees capabilities – testing trainees in a virtual field before they get in the field for real.

However, our passion for marketing and the use of new technologies has made our minds run wild. There are so many elements of marketing that cannot be shown online or over video, whether a size of a product, the feel of an object or the ways you can interact with it. While many of these are achieved through demonstrations or illustrations, there is something uniquely special about being able to see a product, adjust it and test it in a digital space.

With this kind of technology taking leaps and bounds, there are endless possibilities ahead of us. Whether gaming or business, this offers a whole new way to showcase experiences and products – taking on the digital space in all its glory.

Although, until the future is here, trust the digital marketing experts at Click Me to help you design a unique marketing strategy. We specialize in new technologies within the digital space, ensuring our clients top their respective industries.