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Digital marketing – the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media –involves the use of channels and methods to analyse marketing campaigns. With a result driven digital marketing strategy, you will be able to monitor which page on your website is viewed the most and which content works the best.

So, it is surprising that 46% of brands don’t have a result driven digital marketing strategy in place, while 16% of brands have a strategy but has not integrated it into their marketing activity yet.

If you don’t have a result driven digital marketing strategy in place, you won’t be able to grow and innovate. Nor would you be able to measure results and learn from your past marketing mistakes. As a business or a brand, it is time to stop panicking about next month or next year, and start crafting a marketing strategy that can pack a powerful punch, today. Here are five of the most important steps that you – or the decision maker in your organisation – should make to ensure that your digital marketing efforts deliver real results:

  1. Know what you want

Define the mission or objective of your business or brand, and ensure that it fits into your grand plan. It also helps to get realistic with your key performance indicators (KPIs) by analysing your previous digital marketing efforts first. This ensures that you aim for a positive increase on your current results, while helping you to avoid setting your expectations too high.

  1. Learn from the past

Analyse your digital marketing strategy’s past success and failures in order to help you focus on setting the best KPIs for your business.

How to analyse:

Select the time period you would like to analyse and set your Google Analytics calendar to match this timeframe. Once you have done this, you will clearly see all the activities that have taken place on your website during this time.

  1. Remember who you are talking to

You know your audience, but sometimes the planning, budget fretting and KPI setting can get in the way, so your audience is forgotten.  This is a common mistake made by digital marketers, and this leads to your marketing strategy being ineffective.  To prevent this mistake, put your audience at the heart of your strategy and cater to their emotional needs and deepest desires.

  1. Take stock of your marketing resources

There are three things that are important when crafting your marketing strategy: your budget, your digital channels, and your team. Take stock of all of your resources before deciding what you might need for the next period. For example, this is the perfect time to create an audit of your existing digital channels and to decide whether you’re going to outsource specific sections of your digital marketing, or if you need to budget for a new hire or two.

  1. Make a plan, but don’t stick to it

Before you start freaking out, let me explain this tip: your plan is NEVER going to be perfect from the start. And even if you have taken every care to craft a well-constructed plan – based on a set of insightful assumptions and analysis – you still can’t predict how your customers will behave. Therefore, it is important to continuously measure and monitor your strategy’s performance and change elements of your plan where needed.

If words like “analytics” and “key performance indicators” seem a little overwhelming to you, contact the team at Click Me. At Click Me, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing passionate and results driven digital marketing strategies.