Steps to Make Your Organic Listings More Effective South Africa

Steps to Make Your Organic Listings More Effective

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1st February 2017
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As a savvy digital marketer you always try to follow Google best practices and always look for ways to improve organic search ranking, right? And with all your extensive knowledge of Pandas, Penguins and Pigeons, you start sounding like a zookeeper.

So how do you improve your organic search results?

An area that often gets overlooked by digital marketers is engagement and the click-through rate associated with the organic listings. You need to note that, no matter how much you improve your ranking, if the listing itself is not compelling, it’s all for nothing!

Here are the key things to improve your organic search results and to drive additional qualified traffic:

1. Identify Pages with relatively low click-through rate:

When you are under Google Analytics, you will be required to navigate to the Acquisition>Search Console> Landing Page and export the data into a CSV or Excel document. Identify pages with high impressions, a low Average Position and a relatively low CTR based on position.

2. Expand title tags:

The best thing you can do to increase the CTR for a listing is improve the effectiveness of the Page Title. Try to take advantage of increased space and the opportunity to include more high-priority keywords. The only thing that might be a challenge is that the new pixel-based limit is harder to adhere to and more difficult to visualize than a simple character count.

3. Make Meta tags more compelling:

Try writing page titles that are like newspaper headlines, as they are intriguing, interesting, descriptive, and often evoke emotion in people.

4. SERP needs to jump of the page with rich snippets:

Rich snippets can really make your SERP jump off the page, increasing your CTR and stealing clicks right out of the hands of your competition.

Once you expand and enhance your Meta tags, track the progress in Google search console and continue to test and improve your organic listing over time.

You might be shocked by the dramatic increase in organic traffic delivered simply by getting back to basics of writing a unique, compelling and relevant Page Title, and the Description. Remember, your Meta Tag is the only thing standing between a search result and a visitor!