What is a unicorn page?

What is a unicorn page?

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What is a unicorn page south africa

An industry term that isn’t often seen by the common user, just what is a unicorn page? A fine detail of content marketing, yet a very important one to have nailed, a unicorn page can maintain traffic and relevance of your page even when others perform poorly. A much loved element of content and SEO, this is a page that gains authority for itself, even when your site ranking may have dropped over all.

A unicorn page is in a sense a page that has “magical” levels of organic engagement, elevating their value above the other donkey pages Google could choose to show on SERPs. Using click-through rates as an example, Google will see your page as a unicorn if all other similar results have 1% click-through and yours is sitting on 5% – this makes your page a more attractive and user preferred option according the ruling algorithm. Much like the fabled animal, these pages are something special and highly sought after, with many unsure if they are even real.

Google’s mission is to provide the best possible “answer” to the users proposed “question”, gaining insight through common search results and feeding it back to its consumers – engagement data is an all-important indicator as to what the user is looking for and Google makes full use of it. If a multitude of users are clicking on a particular link, and engaging further with the page, this stands as a clear sign to Google that this page is of large interest and relevance to the search term, and therefore should be seen as a unicorn page.

The great things about these pages is once they have reached unicorn status they need very little up keep to remain there. As a constant and reliable source of traffic, these pages reach their importance quickly and stand as an authority for the specific search terms.

So, do you understand the question: “What is a unicorn page?”, a small detail that can have interesting implications for your online presence, do what you can to reach this level with your content.