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While nothing new to the world, fake news – as a topic at least – has made a return to the spotlight. An age-old practice, making it big in the world war eras as propaganda, this “alternative” news is fabricating information or events to suit a certain agenda. While some may be parody or satire, there are many sources that produce stories simply back up a certain point of view held by those in power. Whether by the establishment, anti-establishment or non-government related, fake news has become a hot topic in the age of President Trump.

While many fake news stories can be found in the form of satire, like popular news site Wunderground, often showing the hypocrisy in a certain subject or the complete silliness in modern day pop culture, there are many more malicious sites putting out information to sway opinions in politics. Sometimes too extreme to believe, other times right on the money, these cause huge speed bumps when trying to find the truth in it all. There may have been a multitude of fake news stories surrounding the recent US presidential elections, many having heavily impacted the process itself, but none are more confusing as those pointed out by Trump himself. From the Hilary emails, a story twisted by fake news outlets, to the Obama birth certificate scandal, Trump was always a lover of fake news before his election, often citing them as solid truth…apparently not anymore.

While the usual fake news stories involve some sort of control from a powerful person, supporting another powerful person and their agenda, Trump has turned fake news on its head. Not only does Trump himself follow, spread and create fake news, spouting it proudly as truth, but he also uses his influence to label stories as fake when they go against his best interests. Pointing fingers at some of the most renowned and politically neutral publications, once someone has crossed Trump it would seem the president will then label them as fake.

An interesting turn of events, partly coming undone because of the wide reach and lack of regulation on the internet, it would seem Trump is pulling a move straight out of WWII…only without the slick execution and mystery surrounding the topic. Living through his Twitter handle and spouting hypocrisy at every turn, he is his own worst enemy at this point.

Giving us as digital marketers keen insight into the workings of the political world, this not only shows us the importance of social media management services, especially in the political sphere, but also how your online reputation can impact your social standing in many ways.