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Click Me offers SEO in Johannesburg as part of our complete B2B digital marketing service package.

The Building Blocks of our SEO Services:

Keyword Research – Critical to any SEO strategy, keyword research enables us to define buyer personas and target markets in Johannesburg and countrywide. It also informs content marketing and social media initiatives.

Content Optimisation – Optimising content gives keywords greater visibility, boosting social media presence and inbound link acquisition. Any content optimisation program centres on potential customers primarily, emphasising lead acquisition and usability.

Technical Monitoring – Exploring and supplying all-inclusive recommendations, while proactively managing technical glitches and opportunities that may improve search engine crawling and indexing.

Inbound Links – Examining internal and external assets, and industry competitors to capitalise on fruitful, lasting link building opportunities – NOT short-range schemes.

Social Media Marketing – Social media and SEO working in harmony to open up lead opportunities and define brand voice, while garnering deserved media attention in Johannesburg. For more information about our social media programs, click here.

Content Marketing – Superior content is at the core of any social media or SEO service. For more information about our content marketing programs, click here.

Metrics Analysis and Reporting – Consistent social media, search engine, visitor, and content metrics analysis and reporting, relating to sales initiatives and lead generation.

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