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A Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist, or SEO analyst, is a specialised member of the digital marketing team who deals with optimization of content, structure and layout to better improve visibility on Google search result pages. A key part of the modern day marketing mix, SEO has become a vital focus when dealing with online visibility and authority. Taking into account keywords that potential customers use to find a company’s services on Google, an SEO specialist can then take these keywords and target content, as well as other elements of the site, in line with these chosen keywords – making it easier to be found when searching for those words or phrases.

An ever growing, ever changing side of the digital world, an SEO specialist must be driven and dedicated, ensuring to keep up with trends and algorithm changes. Working off a series of systems that Google has in place, it is the job of the SEO to find how best to use these elements to their advantage. Whether the drive towards a mobile-first search system or the association of one topic to another through RankBrain relevance, these systems put in place mean constant changes and adjustments to the idea of what an SEO analyst must do.

A position that gives endless insight into the inner workings of search engines, and how they can help marketing efforts, this is an area of expertise that is worth paying for. Get a quote from Click Me today to see what our SEO analysts can do to help your marketing efforts.

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