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What does the job role of an SEO analyst involve?

I have a website, now what?
I have a website, now what?
18th October 2016
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24th October 2016
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What does the job role of an SEO analyst involve?

So, what does the job role of an SEO analyst involve? Well here it is – It is the job of an SEO analyst to research, compare and select direction for a website in order to optimise it for search engines. Specialising in understanding the value of online presence, it is their role to find where a company could improve their website structure and content, as well as what types of services would assist in improving online marketing efforts. The focus is on organically building the sites traffic and interaction through targeted and strategic SEO efforts.

Creating or altering a website to find, attract and engage prospective customers, it is the role of an SEO analyst to make the site as visible as possible, ranked highly on search engines. Also known as a site auditor at time, it is the analyst’s job to find holes in the content and structure of a site, as well as where it is falling behind. From redirects to 404 errors, no-index directives and site speed, it is up to the analyst to ensure that the site runs smoothly to be picked up and ranked highly by search engines- this is known as crawlability.

Rankability is also a key role of the analyst, this includes the elements of the content and design that increase its ranking alongside the keyword usage and selection. Through keyword research and selection, title optimisation, description tags and keyword density, the auditor focuses on on-page optimisation of content to increase crawlability.

Measurability is also a keen focus of the SEO analyst, defining the key metrics and translating the SEO results in business objectives. Through these translations the analyst evaluates the success of the SEO implementation, reanalyzes the process and adjusts where needed to improve for future interaction.