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What are SERPs? Well SERPs, or Search Engine Result Pages, are the results shown when you search for a phrase on Google Search. A list of possible solutions to your proposed problem, Google crawls through sites in order to rank content and allow for users to easily find what they are looking for. With an ever changing algorithm and loads of elements being incorporated, SERPs play a huge role in SEO and modern day digital marketing.

While to the common user these may seem like random results found by Google, but in reality these ranking posts consist of targeted content that aligns the page or site with the search terms you are using. Allowing Google to see a site as the “right answer” not only increases ranking, but also the authority of the site – meaning it could increase the ranking of other, lower performing pages as well…when done right.

A powerful indication of your SEO and how successful it has been, this shows your Google ranking as well as relevance. The ultimate goal in a sense, ranking on the first page, especially as one of the top 5 results ensures that your page or site with get the optimum traffic for the defined focus keywords. Whether playing of the viral element, or building a long term authority on a keyword, there are many ways to push up your ranking – one of many reasons to trust the professional digital marketers.

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