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What is Digital Marketing and what’s the big fuss?

What is a website and why is it important in South Africa?
What is a website and why is it important?
18th October 2016
I have a website, now what?
I have a website, now what?
18th October 2016
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What is digital Marketing and what’s the big fuss in South Africa?

Digital marketing is an integral part of modern day business. Marketing in a digital space, whether through a website or one of the many social media platforms, allows a business to reach a broader audience and create an online presence that can be found easily by prospective customers. In this fast-paced marketing world, any business must have an online presence to properly compete in their market.

What is digital Marketing and what’s the big fuss?

A commonly misunderstood specialty, many businesses think that creating a Facebook page or Twitter account is an end-game for their marketing strategy, thinking that after this simple step revenue will start to pour in by the plenty- this is only the beginning of the digital marketing story. Something that takes work, time and an in depth, strategic plan of action to be successful, digital marketing tools are essential to any business dealing. Not something that takes special tips to crack or has a secret formula, digital marketing relies on one key element at the end of the day- how well you know your consumer? As the source of your revenue you must, as a business, have a deep understanding of your customer’s needs, wants, lifestyle and pain points, all to make your offering more relevant to their daily lives.

How can it build your business?

A much more cost effective marketing route, not to mention more efficient, digital marketing goes beyond the reach of traditional marketing channels. With the power that search engines now hold in the decision making process of a consumer, digital marketing fits neatly into their natural behavior, not pushing ads which are usually ignored, but rather giving them results to what they are looking for. Becoming a credible source of information or services is the goal for any business with an online presence.

Aside from the digital content itself, hiring a marketing agency is a fantastic way to focus in the inner workings of business. Having someone to carry out your marketing strategy allows the business to concentrate on the job at hand. With a professional agency taking care of your digital marketing, you have dedicated minds working to optimize your online image and ensure your site becomes a ranked, credible place for searching consumers. Let the qualified specialists worry about replying to tweets and optimizing your content while you focus on running the business.

One key element of digital marketing that trumps traditional routes at every turn, measuring reach and interaction. With traditional mediums you would have a loose idea or average reach projection. A newspaper or pamphlet could reach any amount of people, or none at all, and can only be measured as successful when compared to sales in the following weeks. While you can judge by how many were sold or given out, the numbers are never definite. With digital marketing you can see exactly how many people received the message, interacted with the message and followed the call to action either back to your page or by buying your product. Website visits and time spent on each page are all aspects of digital marketing that allow you see just how effective your message is or was.

Now do you understand: What is digital Marketing and what’s the big fuss?