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Optimising for RankBrain

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24th April 2017
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18th May 2017
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RankBrain is Google’s latest artificial intelligence (AI) programme, used to help process search queries. This artificial intelligence programme embeds a vast amount of written language into mathematical entities (known as vectors) in order for the computer to understand. If it sees a word that it is unfamiliar with, it finds words that have similar meaning and filters the results accordingly. But why is optimising for RankBrain so important?

RankBrain is one of the hundreds of signals that go into an algorithm that determines which results appear on Google search pages, and where each result would rank. This artificial intelligence programme is currently responsible for 15% of all online searches, making it the third most important signal out of the hundreds of signals used to determine search ranking. The first and second most important signals are links and content.

When optimising for RankBrain, start by taking a look at the websites of your top ranking competitors, and ask yourself the following questions:

Content – Are all of the content on their website fresh? How recent has the content been updated?

Links – How many links do their pages have? Are these links relevant? How many linking domains do they have?

Keywords – Do certain terms or phrases appear in every title or meta description?

If there is one thing that SEO experts agree on, it’s that optimising for RankBrain (or with RankBrain in mind) is essential if you want to improve your organic search results. However, if you think that the artificial intelligence programme has hurt your company’s organic search ranking, start by reviewing the content on your website. Is it engaging or helpful? Does it target a topic or a specific keyword? If so, take a look at which pages are ranking well, then see if you can decode which factors the AI programme is prioritising.

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